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At Ron’s Org South Africa we are providing the technology of L Ron Hubbard to the people of South Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. To make this goal a reality, we work with the original techniques of L. Ron Hubbard, and are assisting people in joining their spirituality and their workaday life together into an integral whole. We recognize the rightness of every being and that every being is unique.

We help each of them to walk over the bridge safely and with understanding.

In our view, every man and woman should be able to live their unique lives and enrich the world in their own way. It is our purpose to assist people and to do all of this in freedom and with fun.

At our Ron’s Org South Africa we train you in the works and the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard exactly as he left them to us. As LRH said; “The work was free. Keep it so!”

We make every effort to ensure that we protect his works from arbitraries, misapplication and misuse.

We are also neutral or friendly towards others who apply Ron Hubbard’s works outside of the Ron’s Org Network, (Click the left hand <- arrow on the page site to return to the Blog) and we clearly differentiate ourselves from the Church of Scientology and are not in any way connected to that organization. 

We are also firmly of the belief that auditing and courses should be affordable for everyone.

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