I had some hatting done on what EXCALIBUR actually addresses and handles from our C/S in Sydney a while back.
Recently I got into excellent communication and friendship with Namrita whom I realised I connect with very well on a day to day basis.
Knowing fully she is on an OT level.
That’s all I know and some basic hatting which totally had indicated to me. Also as a church completion of OT-V myself I had the reality of what this upper section of the bridge is about. So my frame of reference on it is very limited and described above.
Yesterday evening I had a bit of a conflict with Namrita and was upset with her. And because of being auditor trained I handled it with the best of my ability with her and resolved it on a social, getting along basis and there was some understanding and agreement gathered with her using simple communication. And then she said she was going in session and I said let’s connect tomorrow.
I was still carrying the BPC, strain and a slight stress on what had happened and I thought when I next communicate with Namrita it should resolve. Probably she would give me more data or I would take more responsibility from my side etc.
However in the next twenty minutes while watching TV with my wife I started feeling a certain kind of sudden relief on a gradient. It happened in waves and started to occur as I would describe it in stages.
The release, relief, evaporation and blowing of the upset happened in you can say four stages. And then I finally felt totally free like I had just come out of an auditing session while watching TV.
I had to message Namrita and basically apologise for my earlier irrational behaviour much to a huge embarrassment and now have a completely reversed viewpoint on the upset.
There is no upset on it. It evaporated and there was nothing to further communicate about it.
I wasn’t imagining this miracle or magic and I just knew that Namrita had been in session because she had told me she was going in session previously but I didn’t know that this magic would occur due to her auditing.
I totally got it . She addressed it and helped me out. WOW. That worked, works and totally rocked my universe.
I had to validate what had occurred because it was my perception,awareness and recognition of this OT phenomenon that totally indicates and acknowledged the miracle and I slept like a baby.
Also I want to thank Namrita for auditing it out in the theta universe or in my universe, whatever you can name it but today when I spoke to her there was only high admiration and understanding how valuable she is or has become by applying the tech which I could see create changes in my universe. Never before have I seen such a miracle happen in my entire Scientology career of 17 years.
So thank you Namrita for helping me out. Thank you Namrita’s C/S Thank you CBR Thank you RON
Very humbly

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