Success Story for Level 0

This course has taught me so much but some of the things that stand out are:

  • Composure, how to apply TR’s in life and WHY they are important.
  • Empathy and Understanding, knowing why and how to comm to another/PC is something I ONLY really got on this course.
  • Granting beingness – even though I always thought I did that, I only REALLY learned how to do it and WHY it is important.
  • Being an Auditor (not that I’m a professional yet) but I’ve learned and understand the Beingness of an Auditor much more now! The importance of an Auditor and WHY LRH wanted me to be an Auditor – So I can take responsibility for myself.  Because without being responsible for myself, I can’t be or take responsibility for others.

I know now why an Auditor is the most precious Being on this planet!

Thank you to ALL at PAC who helped me get through this course and much love to those who put PAC here and to LRH who gave us this wonderful opportunity.



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