Who are the Ron's Orgs?

Each step of the road LRH planned out for us is delivered in South Africa, starting with the Grades and Dianetics auditing and up through all the Advanced Levels. At Ron’s Org Advanced Organization South Africa we pick up all those who have completed their Grades and are ready to start on the road to Operating Thetan.

We have a pleasant and safe environment where everyone can move forward on the road to Clear and Operating Thetan with a lot of love and support. It is now possible for anyone to take advantage of the original materials of L. Ron Hubbard without alterations, and without unnecessary financial and mental pressure while studying.

We provide all the training that is necessary in order to start and confront the Upper Levels. With thorough training we can insure that this unique and valuable Technology will not be lost.

We are members of the Ron’s Org Committee (ROC). The Ron’s Org Committee is an association of free and independent Scientologists who are committed to using only the original methods of L. Ron Hubbard. Currently, there are over 2,000 independent and active Scientologists in this network. Max Hauri is the President of the ROC and is located at Ron’s Org Grenchen Switzerland. More about this on www.ronsorg.com.

The Ron’s Org officially defines itself as expressly against the official and unofficial organizations of the Church of Scientology . The Organization for the Protection of the Constitution of Baden-Württemberg in Germany found that Ron’s Orgs were not part of the Church of Scientology nor had any anti-constitutional aims.

The RON’S Org (Ron’s Organization and Network for Standard Technology) was founded in 1984 by Bill Robertson in Frankfurt. We are not registered as a religion, and we are not a church.

Many wonder why we continue to use the word “Scientology” and not just create a new name; it is very important for us to communicate from the start in an open and honest way. What would someone think, after some time, if they were to discover that the origin behind this broad knowledge is attributable to L. Ron Hubbard? For more understanding about us, read Mission Statement of the Ron’s Org.

Scientology is an applied philosophy that has its roots in the principles of Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies while providing a more suitable application to the Western world.

Scientology is a philosophy of knowledge aiming to offer Man the means to find himself.

One must distinguish between the original Scientology teachings and what is called the Church of Scientology. In the same way that one can clear differentiate between Christianity and the Inquisition. The manner in which the Church of Scientology has treated the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard is unfortunately very sad. It seems that a technology that can bring such power and knowledge to mankind will also encourage weaker human beings to feel threatened and to badly exploit that technology.

Since this vast knowledge has enriched the life of so many, we would like to pass it on and share it with others.


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